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Tully Lake~Preserve, Protect and Enjoy​

Join us at our Annual Meeting on July 13, 2023, at T.U.C.C. beginning at 6:00 pm.

Your Kettle Lakes Association is working to develop a comprehensive array of resources for residents and guests in the event of significant stormwater run-off

The picture below was taken at the Cummings Point area of the Lake after the storm of October 28, 2021.

Formed in 1972, The Tully Lake Property Owners Association aims to support the owners who live year-round and seasonally on this magnificent kettle lake on the border of Onondaga and Cortland counties. This organization is not-for-profit and intends to keep Tully Lake healthy, pristine and a premier recreation area. TLPOA participates in collaboration with organizations such as C-OFOKLA, The Kettle Lake Associations, Inc., and NYSFOLA the New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc., to provide information and support of our watershed and precious lake.

Little William and Grandfather Walter, fish the Main Dock at the Annual Kids Catch and Release Fishing Derby.  

30th Kid's Fishing Catch and Release Fishing Derby

Sunday, August 20, 2023

9 am until 2:00 pm.  Fish will be weighed in at the Main Dock on Hoffman Road. In the event of rain, we will move to the Tully Lake Park Association Community House at the end of Hoffman Road on the right side. Prizes will be given immediately after all winners are tallied. 

Please consider donating an item or YOUR TIME to help out.

NYSFOLA Regional Summer Conference 2023

Professor Rebecca Schneider, Cornell University

Addresses the stormwater run-off impact on roadside ditches at the 2022 conference.

“Your Watershed in Focus” NYSFOLA Central New York Regional Conference August 11, 2023

Join NYSFOLA members from Central NY at Dwyer Memorial Park Pavillion overlooking lovely Little York Lake in Preble for a day of speakers and discussions. Our theme this year is “Your Watershed in Focus” as we feature both “big picture” topics while also “zooming in” on issues of local and lakefront importance.

The conference will run from 9:30am – 4:30pm. View the program here and link to register by clicking on the button below. Registration is $30.00 and is now open.

We are optimistic that the use of the parcel of land at the intersection of Route #80 and Lake Road will be a great addition to our wonderful community. Thank you to everyone ​​who understood the importance of diligently protecting our amazing watershed.

Raging Storm Annual Meeting of 2021. That might have been the last outdoor meeting we may ever have.

The 2021 TLPOA  Annual Meeting took place on July 8th behind the Town Hall.  The weather was not kind to us, but we had a great meeting in spite of wind and rain!  We discussed boater safety, weed management, unauthorized boats on the Lake, Song Lake weed management planning, CSLAP changes and more.  Thank you Tarki Heath and Cortland Soil and Water Conservation District for sharing information with all of us.

The brave Tul​ly "Lakers" at the INFAMOUS RAGING STORM Annual Meeting​ 2021​

2022-WE HAD A REAL CHILDREN'S FISHING DERBY That year after two long years of Covid precautions.

TLPOA's Annual Children's Catch and Release Fishing Derby had to be moved to Sept. 4th, because of the catastrophic rain event of August 18th which flooded properties, Hoffman Road and contaminated wells.  Generous DONORS contributed $761.44 to make it one of the best and MOST NEEDED derbies ever! 


called PLANKTOTHRIX that has been in the French's Bay area of Tully Lake. At the end of August it spread to the southeastern end of the lake as well. We tested three old lake level wells and they tested negative for this Cyanobacteria Link.

Go to the YOUTUBE link below to view a video I took for this PLANKTOTHRIX a while back. It is so unusual and does not look at all like a typical harmful algal bloom.  It is a anatoxin. Nasty so do NOT go in the water if you see this.


(August 18/19 and October 27th,) caused major flooding and damage to properties on Tully Lake and the other Kettle Lakes.  Many properties were damaged, and docks floated away.  We worked had as an Association to support our members offering Water Sampling reimbursements and information on how to navigate the challenges that this caused. We have convened a collaborative Kettle Lakes Storm Response Team collaborative Storm Response Team to develop proactive plans with the other Kettle Lakes, if (when) we are faced with major storm events in the future. More on this at our ANNUAL MEETING IN  JULY. 

This image was taken at Cummings Point after the​ flooding that occurred in the late October 2021 Nor'Easter 

Photo credit, Colleen Zawadzki


Check out our wonderful Kettle Lakes Sharing Sessions videos below.   Each of the four Kettle Lakes featured a 45 minute "workshop" highlighting the unique issues they are addressing.  More than 90 people registered for one or more of the sessions.

Please let your neighbors know about the TLPOA!


Please enjoy viewing our four Kettle Lakes Sharing Session Videos. Tully Lake-February Crooked Lake-March Song Lake-April Little York Lake-May


This year Cortland County switched to a new Harvester vendor We are not sure when they will come (sorry) but we have a tentative date of "end of month,) by the new contractor. 

Onondaga will continue to use Gary LeRoux and he should be here anytime beginning mid-July. If you are interested in private shoreline harvesting, text Colleen and she will put you in touch.


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