Formed in 1972, The Tully Lake Property Owners Association aims to support the owners who live year-round and seasonally on this magnificent kettle lake on the border of Onondaga and Cortland counties.  This organization is not-for-profit and intends to keep Tully Lake healthy, pristine and a premier recreation area.  TLPOA partici-pates in collaboration with organizations such as  C-OFOKLA, The Cortland-Onondaga Federation of Kettle Lake Associations, Inc., and NYSFOLA the  New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc., to provide information and support of our watershed and precious lake

Please be our guest at the Annual NYSFOLA Conference to know more about out lakes and the issues we are facing.  TLPOA will pay your registration fee!  "Freshwater Ecosystems, Learning to Co-Exist, April 29th, and 30th. Let me know on the "Contact Us" page. More information here:   2021 Annual Conference – NYSFOLA

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Check out the HARMFUL ALGAL BOOM (HAB) called PLANKTOTHRIX that has been in the French's Bay area of Tully Lake. At the end of August it spread to the southeastern end of the lake as well. We tested three old lake level wells and they tested negative for this Cyanobacteria  Link.  

2020 Fishing Derby was A HIT!  

 More than 43 kids participated in our honor system derby. Two girls won CATCH OF THE DAY with 18" pickerels!  See the sign above for winners in each age division.  Each child got a $10.00 Samantha's Sweet Treats gift certificate from our wonderful TLPOA!  It is not too late to send in your dues. Please send your check to TLPOA -PO Box #53, Tully NY to offset the cost for one of our favorite yearly family traditions.  

September 4th we tried to clear out and improve flow from the massive beaver dams at the north end of the lake.  Sadly the beavers won. We will keep trying to remediate Turtle Pond and increase flow from Green Lake to Tully Lake.

ANNUAL MEETING 2020 was on JULY 9th via ZOOM  
Thank you to the 37 or so members who joined us in this great session. We discussed water quality based on our yearly CSLAP report and the concerns we have about Harmful Algal Blooms and what we can do to fortify the health of our kettle lake.  We had a video presentation from Tarki Heath, President of C-OFOKLA 
 and we also reviewed highlights of our Lake Management Plan, which discussed nuisance animals and the impact on the lake, and more. We are all going to do more to be cautious with watercraft, the placement of our floating docks and the use of the Shaw/Evans private launch for the good of our lake and community. 


2020 Shorescaping Projects  We received  approximately $6,000 from ONONDAGA COUNTY SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT to modify the shoreline in front of the Nye/Sipfle properties to improve storm water runoff, and to fortify the shoreline where several ash trees are dying or dead.  We hope this will decrease road salt from entering the lake at that point where the road is very close to the shoreline to remove invasive Buck Thorn and replace them with native plants. Thank you to our partners, C-OFOKLA,  OSWCD, Upper Susquehanna Coalition and Onondaga Earth Corps.